I have entered my details in order to sign up to Balt Prime and I haven’t received a response yet. What should I do?
Some applications when signing up maybe take a little longer to be verified, but most new applications should be verified and approved within 48 hours.
What should I do if I have forgotten my password?
If you have forgotten your password, you can simply click ‘forgotten password - reset it here’ button on the log in page and you will receive an email to reset it.
Can I bookmark videos I like in order to watch them again?
Yes, if you have found certain videos that you are interested in, but would like to watch at a more convenient time, then simply click the ‘heart’ shape icon under the video and that video will be added to your favourites.
Can I customise my content to the therapy area I am interested in?
Yes you can, simply go to ‘My Preferences’ page and you can select the therapy areas you are most interested in.
How can I find out who the experts are?
You can select the ‘Meet the Experts’ page where there is a list of experts and the therapy areas that they specialise in.
Can I ask a question to a particular expert?
Yes, when you click on the Ask the Experts button, you can either select one particular expert from the drop down list in any of the therapy areas, or select ‘all’ in which your question will be sent to all experts and you may receive more than one reply back.
How long should I expect to receive an answer from a question I ask to an expert?
Although our experts are very busy, they will aim to respond to all questions within 72 hours.
What if I disagree with a response I have received from an expert?
All responses from our experts are personal opinions, using their knowledge and experience. You can respond to the expert directly should you have further questions to ask.
Can I view the messages I have sent and received to experts?
Yes, you can view all of your sent and received messages in your inbox.
Can I upload an image or file to support my question to an expert?
Yes, you can simple upload an image to your message by clicking the paperclip icon.
The image I would like to attach to a message has patient data displayed, how can I anonymise it?
When you upload an image to your message, you will have the ability to anonymise the image using the editing tool. Simply place and resize the black box over the area you wish to anonymise.
Do the videos have subtitles?
Yes there is the option to turn on/off English subtitles by clicking the ‘CC’ button on the video control panel.
How do I comment on a video I have watched?
You can make a private comment to any of the videos by clicking the envelope icon under the video control panel.
Can I download videos?
No, as Balt Prime is for registered healthcare professional users only, all videos are only viewable when logged into the site.
How do I contact Balt Prime if I would like to get involved further and contribute content?
We are always keen to collaborate with new partners, so should you wish to contribute or to get involved further, please email us at baltprime@baltgroup.com
How do I contact Balt Prime if I would like to make a complaint?
Should you wish to make a complaint, then please email us at baltprime@baltgroup.com
Can I delete my Balt Prime account?
Yes, at any time you wish to delete your account, go to the ‘My Account’ page and click ‘delete account’.